WWW: The Computational Model of Knitting; Ontario’s First Mobile Yarn Shop; Knit the Bridge Complete!

Absolutely fascinating: the Computational Model of Knitting. The wiki K2G2, – “krafty knerds and geek girls” – has a marvellous series of posts about “Computational Craft”. The posts examine knitting (and other crafts) from the perspective of computer science. Knitting instructions can be seen as programs, and the motions can be seen as computations – straight needles acting as a LIFO (last in, first out) queue, circular knitting is a FIFO (first in, first out) queue.

As a mathematician, for a long time I’ve drawn parallels between patterns and programming languages, but I’ve never made the leap to seeing the movements that way. Love it.

Part one, part two.

Related: a web designer contemplates parallels between her knitting projects and her professional web design projects. Agree completely: prototyping is critical in both! For web designers, a prototype might be a limited version of the website or application… for knitters… you know what this means, right? A swatch! Or at least a mini version..

Ready for installation…

An update on a story we reported on a while ago: the Knit The Bridge project in Pittsburgh, to cover the Andy Warhol Bridge with knitting… an excellent video report. Some fantastic photos of the complete project on the blog.

What a great event!

Oh to be on the west coast of the US: the weekend of September 13-15, the annual Vashon Island Sheepdog trials are to be held, and this year the event is adding a yarny component: Skacel knitting is sponsoring a fiber arts tent, hosting local yarny vendors, classes and demonstrations. Dogs a knitting: sounds like a perfect day out!

Roving around Ontario…

Following the success of the Yarnover Truck, Kingston, Ontario-based knitter Joan Sharpe has launched the first mobile yarn shop in Eastern Canada, Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn Company. (Ha!) The truck, ‘Lil’ Dorothy’, named after Joan’s mother, is a former fire service vehicle that has been specially kitted out to carry yarn and related goodies. Joan is a life-long knitter, and she is looking forward to taking the yarn to the knitters, at festivals and events all over Eastern Ontario.

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