Jillian’s Spinning: Filling the Tank

Do you ever have those days when everything, especially computer work, takes twice as long? When I’ve had a couple of those in a row I know I need to take a break, but not stop 100% of my work. I call it filling the tank. I am off of the computer and math and super linear work for a day. Instead I focus on the creative and planning, spinning, knitting, reading, thinking.

That’s what’s going on over here today. Yesterday was an excellent mail day, it was a sign.

I got this:

Finally! For those of you still waiting, I can say there is no predicting the US mail. Everyone all around me in Michigan got their issue days before I did. But mine is here now and I’m going to read it all, today.

I also got the kit for these:


Mushroom Kelliemuffs by Spillyjane from Fair Isle Style

They are from the excellent book Fair isle Style by Mary Jane Mucklestone. The mitts are designed by Spillyjane. I got my kit from Sunday Knits and it came fast! I’m not going to start knitting them yet, but I may wind the yarn.

Today there will be spinning and knitting and Netflix and tomorrow I’ll be back at the computer with my tank filled.

What do you do to fill your tank?

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3 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: Filling the Tank

  1. Audry

    I’ve been eyeing Ply. I might have to start subscribing.

    Recently, when I had a bunch of knitting diagrams to draw, I would knit a round of my sock after completing a step of each drawing. It made things much less painful.

  2. Leigh

    PLY!! Now I have to run home and check the mailbox.

    I do something that isn’t causing the tank to empty. If I stalled on my quilt design (tank emptying), I knit for a while. Or bead. Or work on whatever project I know what the next step is. Reading Urban Fantasy is a good one too. It takes my mind completely away from the here and now. Usually I can come back with a resolution to the problem, or at least refreshed enough to tackle it again.

  3. Jennifer

    I love PLY! The second issue is wonderful!

    Refilling the tank? Spin my new Malabrigo Nube fiber that I got yesterday! Awesome stuff.

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