Jillian’s Spinning: Spinning Slow

Anzula Baby Alpaca
Anzula Baby Alpaca

I spin most days. Usually, I spin like hell hounds are at my heels. How fast can I finish? How fast can I get to the next thing? Sometimes I’m forced to spin slow. I have bouts of wicked insomnia.  The kind filled with worry and restlessness, not the kind where I can get up and work. The days after insomnia nights are rough. I’m exhausted, clumsy, sometimes weepy. But I still spin. I spin slowly. As slow as it takes. 2oz in a few hours? It’s OK, that’s 2 oz I didn’t have done before. With spinning I’m able to be kind to myself when I’m having a rough day.  I didn’t sleep much last night, so today I’ll be spinning slowly.

How will you spin today?

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3 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: Spinning Slow

  1. Lara

    Gently as she goes for me today as well. It will be my CVM rolags that I am spinning using drop spindles. It’s a longer-term project for a sweater, and is very centering.

  2. Kimberly Burnette-Dean

    I tend to always spin like a winter blizzard is hitting tomorrow and my entire family is totally naked. I very seldom ever slow down and just enjoy the experience for what it is. I want to see that yarn accumulate and cover the bobbin in a hurry!

  3. Karrie

    If possible I like to get at least an hour of spinning a day. It depends on the fibre for me I’ve had 4 oz take many hours others can take just a few hours. I like to go with the flow. I agree it can make a bad day feel pretty good

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