Latest issue WIPs & FOs

We love the enthusiasm with which you greet the launch of a new Knitty issue, and it’s fun to see which projects get started first. There’s always a rush of quick hit projects, like the Beer Mitt

LisaMarilyn‘s first one – she promises there will be more.

Color-coordinating your mitt with your beverage.

If you’re a member of her family, watch out – that’s what you’ll be getting for your holiday gift. (I wonder if I can get on the list, too… 😉 )

The Wedgie hat just makes me smile, and I’m stalking all the projects on Rav to see if indeed it’s true that it looks good on everyone (but Franklin).

It certainly suits Kupgup!

So great!

Nymphalidea is one of those wonderful shawl patterns that’s easy but still interesting to knit, is endlessly adaptable, and is an excellent way to use up stash yarn.

Iceboxofpaknits‘ version is particularly nice.

Looking good so far… and not just because it’s colors I adore.

And lmermd‘s Deflect socks are coming along very nicely.

I try my socks on like this all the time! You do get funny looks on the bus, but it’s the best way to admire your work.

But I especially adore the commitment of knitters who clearly ditch whatever else they are working on to IMMEDIATELY cast on for a new sweater.

These knitters are doing me proud by swatching….

Jhocy‘s My Favorite Color swatch

Looking good.

Knitter Carlypeas says about the Flippant cardigan… “As soon as I saw the pattern I couldn’t wait to get it on my needles”.

It’s going to be amazing in this color!

Happy knitting!

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  1. Amanda

    This is one of my favorite series of posts after a new issue of Knitty comes out – the finished pictures in the magazine are beautiful, but I find I get a better view of the fabric and the construction of the piece with WIPs. Plus they’re fun – the journey not the destination and all that!

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