Regina offhand designs prize

Marcella in Regina print. Squee!

17 thoughts on “Regina offhand designs prize

  1. Teresa

    I love Offhand Designs!! You just want to touch these bags. They are alive with color, warmth, character and charm. Congratulations Larissa!

  2. Shannon

    Larissa continues to astound and amaze us with her design and fabrics! Congratulations on more lovely bags! The sky is your limit.

  3. Heidi

    To. die. for. I am so in love with these bags and this one in particular! Offhand Designs are amazing.
    Thank you! Just the thing for knit night!

  4. Constance Williams

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Have loved them from afar for a long time. Those fabrics are so inviting. Congradulations on another great bag.

  5. Laurie Park

    I have loved Offhand Designs for a long time. The bags are so well made and practical. They hold a lot and are gorgeous to behold at the same time. Have been wanting to get another one cause the fabrics are sooo fabulous.
    The colors on this Marcella are stunning, they just pop! My color palette too. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!
    Thanks for thinking of us fans with such a wonderful giveaway offer!

  6. Linda

    I would love to win because I absolutely love the gorgeous textiles and quality craftsmanship in Offhand Designs’ bags. I have enjoyed a wonderful and well-used knitting clutch that still looks gorgeous after several years of use. Even when I’m not using it, I leave it sitting on the sofa just because it looks so pretty! Keep designing and creating, Larissa. The full line of Sage Luxury items are outstanding!

  7. Sally Halliday

    I do not collect bags because I collect so many things, like yarn, fabric, needles, etc. I would love to have this bag because it is so beautiful and it would hold soooooo much.

  8. Barb

    The designs of your bags, along with the beautiful fabrics you choose, make your bags the ones I want to carry!
    Thank you for your work.


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