Jillian’s Spinning: A Sweater Fail and Fiberstory Fiber Blending

I believe I alluded to a sweater fail a couple of posts ago. I still need to rip it. Another thing I love about handspun is how resilient it is to riiiiiping.

Here’s the fail, a wonky set of increases, perfectly matched on both sides.

Weird increase

Weird increase

I knew the fail was there and that it looked weird and I just kept knitting. I knit about 4 more inches past the weird increase. What did I do? I convinced myself to increase into every other stitch, instead of just at the beginning, for a cardigan front. What did I get? A ripple, a ruffle, a lump, and a bump. I can clearly remember saying to my knitting self, “That looks wrong, rip it now!” My knitting self answered the ultimate knitting lie, “It’s fine, an increase is an increase. It will block out”.  The arguing went on in my head until my knitting self threw out a lie so big, that I finally had to stop knitting and laugh, ” I can just embroider over it”.  I’m going away for the weekend for a knitting/spinning getaway with friends and this is coming along for some ripping among friends who will understand.

I went to Rhinebeck and I shopped more than I should have. Of course, that didn’t stop me from going to the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo this past weekend. I wasn’t going to go, really wasn’t. But as the clock ticked toward the opening time, I finished my tea, took a shower and hollered to my family that I’d be back in an hour. A fiber event 15 minutes from my house is just like having potato chips in the house, I know I’m going to go there.

I only shopped at one place, Fiberstory, a long time favorite. The Weird Increase sweater is Fiberstory fiber from last year (or is it two years?). I did buy enough for a sweater.

Fiberstory, Steptember (BFL/Tussah) and Cider Mill (Merino)

Fiberstory, Steptember (BFL/Tussah) and Cider Mill (Merino)

I plan on blending them, mostly. In a weird twist of my brain, I decide to only blend most of it, a pound, and leave the last 8 oz of Cider Mill by itself, and work them together in a garment. We’ll see how it goes.

Yes, I did sample and swatch.

Blended/plied and just plied. Both are 2-ply, woolen spun.

Blended/plied and just plied. Both are 2-ply, woolen spun.

On the left, I blended the colorways while drafting and plied. I think it kills all of the colors, especially the odd little gold/green. The right is each colorway spun separately and plied together. I like it much better. The pink/purple is more a cast or shadow than a blanket like it is in the blended version. Now I need to sample and swatch Cider Mill all by itself. I’ll add that to my weekend list.

This weekend I’ll have about a day and a half for crafting. First I started with one project – finish spinning my Spunky Eclectic Pomegranate Martini. I could do that easily. Then the what-ifs start. What if I finish and I have nothing to do? What if we get snowed in? What if there is some seismic activity that causes a rip in time and what is a day in half in the lower part of Michigan is really 5 days up north? A girl can dream.

I’m bringing 20 movies and a pile of projects.

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  1. Gwen

    I love Fiberstory. I didn’t get to the Fiber Expo until later on Sunday and the Fiberstory booth was a little wiped out. Someone snatched the silk hankies I wanted before I could get across the booth but I did get some beautiful sock yarn and a braid of polworth/silk fiber. I can’t wait to see your sweater. I really like the color combination.

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