WWW: Knitting TV, Change in Amy’s Teaching Schedule, Caribou Knits update

Dianne in Aurora, Colorado is the lucky winner of our Offhand Designs bag giveway. Many thanks to Offhand Designs for the prize.

Change in Amy’s tour dates: If you’re in the UK and hoping to catch up with Amy for a class, note that there’s been a change in her schedule.  Due to the cancellation of Fibre Flurry, she’s now going to be teaching  the weekend of October 26 & 27 at Purlescence in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

What’s not to love?

The Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK, has announced that on November 1st they will broadcast 9 hours of knitting-related television. The centerpiece is a five-hour show dedicated to broadcasting a sheep-to-sweater world-record-breaking attempt.  (The previous record of four hours and 51 minutes is held by a group of Australians.)

To lead into that, they will also broadcast a four-hour documentary about the process of taking wool from fleece to sweater.

I sadly don’t speak a word of Norwegian, so I haven’t the faintest idea what they are saying in this preview video on the NRK website, but the video of the speedy knitters working away, shots of a yarn shop, and, images of beautiful hand knits is worth watching even without the soundtrack.

These programs are part of the “slow TV” movement. Imagine how far you could get with your holiday knitting with nine whole hours of this to watch!

Doubly useful.

If there can be sheep-to-sweater, why not mower-to-mittens? Delhi Township in Michigan is using a flock of 30 sheep to mow the grass of the public spaces in the community, and the sheep are being sheared, and the wool is being used to make hats, mittens and yarn sold in local arts and crafts stores.

Fibre Space, a yarn shop in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. is offering free knitting classes to US government workers affected by the shutdown.

Update on the Caribou Knits program: as of October 4th, over 40 scarves have been knitted in response to the use of the #CaribouKnits hashtag on Twitter.

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