WWW: Lost Shawl, Rhinebeck Envy, Cocktail-appropriate Knitting Bags

What a wonderful piece of work.

Absolutely heartbreaking: A Toronto area knitter worked on a beautiful shawl project while she sat at the bedside of her critically ill husband. Susan Cottrell knitted as they waited for his double lung transplant, she knitted as he made his slow and difficult recovery. And at the end, she had an absolutely spectacular shawl. She blocked it, and wrapped it up to take the hospital to weave the ends in, ready to start wearing it.

And then it disappeared. It was in a plastic bag, and the fear is that it was thrown away by mistake.

You’ve probably read this post from Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot, but if you haven’t, do. Warms the heart in so many many ways. I wonder if a similar little miracle could happen for Susan?

A great way to spend a day. (Or two.)

This weekend is the Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Festival, also known as Rhinebeck, after the town where the event is held. Our own Jillian is teaching there – look for dispatches from her on the blog and on Twitter. If you’re within driving distance of the event, it’s a most excellent way to spend a fall day – yes, there’s all sorts of yarny goodness and shopping and demonstrations and classes, but there are also all the great fall fair activities: animal exhibits and livestock shows, cooking demonstrations, and of course, fantastic food. It’s a beautiful time of year, and a visit to Rhinebeck is a great way to take it all in.

So, so very good.

Having recently attended a wedding at which knitting was “encouraged“, (I am quoting the invitation here, people), I am all over these Erte bags for carrying your knitting. It is not easy to find a knitting bag that goes with a cocktail dress. Many thanks to the always appropriately attired Franklin for bringing these to my attention.

It’s Wool Week in the UK, and there are all sorts of events and activities going on to mark the occasion. I really liked some of the wooly fashions in this slideshow.

In which home decor specialists discover what we’ve known all along: knit fabrics are cozy. I do like the suggestions for making pillows from old sweaters.

Do we have any Norwegian readers who will be watching the epic 9 hours of knitting related television being broadcast November 1st? We’re jealous, and would love to know how it is! Let us know in the comments! Does anyone know if it will be streamed online? Maybe we could all watch it!

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  1. Maureen

    Maybe some skilled and generous knitter can copy the shawl and present it to this woman who mad this beautiful shawl. Sorry it can’t be me. I don’t have the mad skills to copy the pattern, though if someone knew the pattern I could attempt it.

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