It’s that time of year again…

If you’re looking for ideas for gift knitting, here’s a few suggestions…

For someone you’re seeing next week:
Nozky leg warmers – especially quick in littler sizes.

For your little dancer.

The Grey Gardens turban/headband – tres chic, and a single skein!

Bonus: actually practical, too!

Mr Popper’s Penguin hot water bottle cover

Would make a pretty great stuffed animal friend, too!

Spatterdash fingerless mitts.

Love these, and they’re particularly great if you’ve got a good button stash to dive into. Who says the buttons have to match?

A coffee cup cozy.

Works both ways – protects your hands, also keeps the coffee warm. Or hot cocoa, of course..

The Knotty But Nice Hat

Perfect for fussy men (Would work for the ladies, too!)

For a generous host:

Venezia beaded napkin rings.

Simply beautiful.

Wine cozy.

Again – practical! Stops the bottles banging around in a gift bag.

For someone who takes an off-kilter approach to the season:
Marley’s Ghost

To begin with.

The Nosewarmer

Also wonderfully quick and sure to generate laughs at a secret santa gift exchange.

The Vegan Fox

I made one of these ten years ago, and I love it still.

For someone you love very very much, and who doesn’t mind if the gift is a little late:

The Hibernate blanket. 

Because it’s perfect.

The Bauble Shawl

Simply stunning.

The Latvian Vest

A tour de force.

Need Other Ideas? Go visit the pattern archive!

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6 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again…

  1. Michelle

    I’ve made the Knotty But Nice hat, and need to warn people that it does NOT stretch well with all those cables. Mine turned out to be unwearable….

    1. romney

      I think you can see the lack of stretch in the picture. If they can’t even get it to look good in the picture theres a worry! Still, easily fixed with some extra stitches at the appropriate point once you know.

  2. Joan

    This link Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot CO does not work for the Nozy leg warmers:First Fall 2013. Could someone please correct this. Thanks.

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