Things that have made Amy’s life better, vol 1

Jillian wants me to learn how to write shorter blog posts. I expect she’s not the only one. So here goes…my first installment in a series of things that have made my life better (and hopefully will be helpful to at least one of you who reads this).

Macintosh thing:
Ever since updating to the Mountain Lion OS, I’ve had problems with my usually reliable Mac system freezing up in an un-force-quit-able way.

Both times, the problem was one of the little handy apps that mostly sit in the background and I forgot were there. First it was the Gmail notifier. I had to disable that a year ago. When the freezing started up again recently, I finally found that the culprit was an outdated version of the Dropbox app. Updated, and POOF! No more freezes.

Check your background apps for outdated versions if you’re having similar problems. The Software Update utility missed this one.


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