WWW: Colorway Naming Winner, Your Own Flock of Sheep, Crafting in Space

Waltzing Lobelia. Just perfect, don’t you think?

We’re thrilled to announce that Kim in Colrain, MA won the Blue Moon Fiber Arts colorway naming contest.

She came up with Waltzing Lobelia for the yarn color Tina and Amy created.

New online class provider, The Amazings, is offering a free class to new users. The Amazings is a little different from other online class sites in that they are focusing on gathering the knowledge, experience and wisdom of our elders… In their words “Preserving knowledge. Celebrating handmade. Encouraging generations to collaborate. Sharing stories.”

To honor the fallen with the work of our hands.

Veterans’ Day in the US, Remembrance Day around the Commonwealth, and Armistice Day in the UK. A moment of silence is observed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month around the world, to honor those who have served for their countries in armed conflict, and who have lost their lives. The poppy is the traditional symbol, and a group of knitters in Stafford, UK, made a beautiful and moving poppy tribute.

Knitter Judy poses with some of the fruits of her labors.

We’ve all thought about this: this knitter actually did it! Wisconsin knitter Judy Mickel got herself some sheep to raise for their wool. She has a flock of 18 Shetland Sheep, and she says that although she knows she’s not making money from them, she is covering her costs and very much enjoying her new hobby.


Not knitting, but still absolutely wonderful: crafter Karen Nyberg made this little dinosaur pal for her three-year-old son. While IN SPACE, on the International Space Station. ‘Mr. Saurus’ is made from bits and pieces she could scrounge: his outside is leftover velcro-like fabric that lines Russian food containers and he is stuffed with bits of T-shirt.

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2 thoughts on “WWW: Colorway Naming Winner, Your Own Flock of Sheep, Crafting in Space

  1. Katie K

    So I signed up for the Amazings felted animal class. It’s lovely but you only get a teaser of a few minutes of a 96 minute class. If you want to take the whole class it’s $28.

  2. Polly

    I believe item 3 should read “Veterans’ Day in the US”. I’ve certainly never heard an American call it Armistice Day!

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