WWW: The 50th Anniversary; Knit Is A Feminist Issue; The Railway Knitter

This hand-knit doctor and his TARDIS are owned by Joanna Woodward of Birmingham, UK. Photo from the Guardian.

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Doctor Who here at Knitty… we’re very much looking forward to this Saturday’s 50th anniversary episode. There’a  lot of press in the UK right now, and this slideshow of items from a fan art exhibition impresses with the quantity of knitting.

I also rather like this round-up of Doctor Who themed knitting, and not just because that’s my leg…

Friend of Knitty Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, is making a special visit to Simply Socks Yarn Company in Indiana, the last weekend of November. Classes are filling fast!

Knit Is a Feminist Issue. A fantastic and thought-provoking opinion piece written by blogger The Knitting Geneologist. She writes about her knitting habit over the past few decades, and how attitudes – her own and others’ – have shifted towards gender roles and gender expectations of the craft. You may or may not agree, but it’s definitely worth the read for the insights into knitting history.

Victims of the Japanese Tsunami have banded together to help others: a group of 30 elderly women whose homes were destroyed set up a knitting group as an informal support mechanism during their stay in temporary housing. These knitters were the beneficiaries of yarn donations from around the world, and they are paying it forward by donating the fruits of their labors to Syrian refugees.

And crochet, too!

We adore this profile of Delia Wilkins, Via Rail Canada’s “Railway Knitter”. Delia crosses Canada by train four times a year, knitting all the way – wouldn’t you? – and a few years ago the staff on the train approached her with an idea: they wanted her to become official “on board entertainment”, teaching knit and crochet classes through the journey. She’s been doing it since 2011, and the response has been tremendous.

Although it’s just about the lace place you’d expect to see knitwear, knitter and knitwear designer Lindsay Degen got the call to design some items for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show… (Pictures in the article are slightly NSFW – lingerie modelling.)

It’s kinda great, isn’t it?

Although I object on principle to the use of the word “ugly”, I do rather like this line of tshirts with knittish prints… the Sere-knitty one is the best.

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