Jillian’s Gifts for Spinners

Ooooh there are a lot of great spinning things out there this year perfect for gifts!

Here are the things I would buy for all of my spinning friends if my funds were unlimited:


Spinner’s Book of Yarn Design  and  Building Blocks of Spinning DVD both by Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson



Flat Pack Bobbins by Akerworks

Bobbins of Joy and Wonder

Bobbins of Wonder and Joy to beautify your wheel


TravelKate and MiniKate by Thayer Syme

Travel Kates Regular and Mini

Travel Kates Regular and Mini


Sheepskin Treadle Covers by Hare and There



Cozy covers for your wheel and your feet

 Fiber Jewelry by Bricolage Studios

Bricolage jewelry

Bricolage jewelry



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