Jillian’s Spinning: How Did I Do on My Spinning Goals for 2013?

This last week of the year is usually when I reflect on the past year’s goals. I do goals, not to badger myself into something, but to give myself direction. I also like the time spent thinking about “Who do I Want to Be when I Grow Up?” It still changes regularly.

Goodbye to 2013!
Goodbye to 2013!

Here’s what I hoped to do and what happened.

Jillian’s 2013 Spinning Goals:

1) That nagging handspun sweater. I have one sweater’s worth of yarn spun and almost a second sweater’s worth. Now I need to knit! I’m going to get some help from Ann Budd’s Handy Top-Down Sweater Book.

Oh boy this one didn’t work out. I knit most of the body, found something I didn’t like and couldn’t live with and ripped put 90% of the sweater. It’s been in time out since October.

 2) Organize stash. Holy cats my stash is out of control! It’s become a huge jumble of fiber, most of it piled on top of empty containers. Even if I tame it back to something very basic like: to dye, to card into batts, to blend and to spin as is – I’ll be happy. I might throw, organize spinning equipment, in there too.
I did this once and I’m working on my second round. I’ve been doing books and yarn this week, working toward a second pass at my spinning stash. Check!
3) Teach/write more. I want to write and teach more about how I spin with knitting in mind. So far, I’ve sent class proposals to Rhinebeck and I’m starting a new column in Knittyspin in the next issue.
This one was my favorite. I started my column in Knittyspin that spinners seem to like. I had articles in two of the three issues of  PLY magazine for 2013. I taught at Rhinebeck and even had a couple of sold out classes. Check, check and check!
That was a year to be proud of! Now I need to figure out my goals for 2014.
What did you accomplish in 2013?

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