WWW: Keeping Others Warm, We Knit a Zoo, Chicago Art Fair Seeks Fiber Artists

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They’ve yarnbombed cars, buses and planes – why not a submarine? Knitters in the UK, have knitted a 400m (437yd) scarf to wrap around the conning tower of a WWW2-era submarine on display at a naval museum in Gosport, Hampshire.

Knitter Anita Brine is CTV’s Maritimer of the Week. Anita knits year-round, making mittens to donate to those in need. This year she donated 140 pairs of mittens to the local Sackville Community Association, to be distributed to local families.

A Boston university culture blog explains why knitting is so wonderful. We know all of this, but this might provide some handy talking points to help you defend why you’re working on a sock while visiting your family over the holidays.

A blog post from Reading Museum in the UK, about the initiatives to knit for the troops during World War Two. The museum is digitizing their photographic archives, and have discovered a number of wonderful knitting-related photos.


Volunteers in Paignton, UK, have knitted a zoo’s worth of animals for a festive celebration at a local zoo.

Waterloo, Ontario knitter Heather Young has made 100 toques this year to donate to the Out of the Cold program. Last year, she made 50, and this year set herself a goal of 100, completing the final five in just one week last week.

The 67th annual Chicago 57th Street Art Fair will be taking place on June 7 & 8, 2014. The event, a two-day outdoor celebration of the visual arts held in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, is the oldest juried art fair in the Midwest. More than 250 exhibitors take part, showing and selling fine art and fine craft to meet with the art-buying public. The fair organizers have put out a call for new exhibitors for 2014, seeking craftspeople, artists and artisans in all disciplines, including fiber art.

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