WWW: On Fast Knitting, Photographing a Shawl, and Reading a Knitting Book

Blogger Rebecca of needle & spindle has written a fantastic tutorial on how to take a great shawl photograph. She got photos, tips and ideas from shawl knitters and photographers Jared Flood, Andi from the uber popular My Sister’s Knitter blog, Lori from Lori Times Five blog and Knittimo (unknown but extraordinary).

I love this blog post from Knitty columnist on Donna Druchunas about what you can learn from a knitting book, even if you never actually knit a project from it. I learn a lot from “virtually” knitting my way through a book.

Perhaps the Toronto Maple Leafs need a knitter?

Linda Benne, a yarn shop owner from Mississauga, just outside of Toronto, is one of the world’s fastest knitters. She set the North American speed knitting record in 2004, with 253 sts in 3 minutes. She’s a lever-knitter, a method that friend of Knitty The Yarn Harlot practices. Felicia of Sweet Georgia Yarns has written a nice blog post about the method here.

Author Jenny Diski tells her story – a familiar tale, but beautifully told – about how she came back to knitting after a long, long break, and how she learned to love the process, mistakes and all.

Confirmed by the TSA: knitting needles are allowed on planes. They’ve been permitted for a number of years since the initial post 9-11 clampdown, but you occasionally run into those who aren’t sure about the regulations.

The knitter, and the baby she comforted.

A heartwarming story about a 100-year-old knitter and the blanket she made for a sick baby.

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  1. Rebecca

    Thanks for the shout out. I am so thrilled that the generous designers and knitters who participated in the post are getting to share their pics and tips with knitty folks now.

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