Jillian’s Spinning: Handspun Stitching on Handspun Knitting

I’ve been making progress on spinning yarn that I can stitch with, take a look:

Front to back: tencel, alpaca/silk, merino/silk - all Lisa Souza fiber
Front to back: tencel, alpaca/silk, merino/silk – all Lisa Souza fiber. All yarns are 2-ply

The blue Merino/silk is about 18 wpi, the green alpaca/silk is 24 wpi and the tencel is 28 wpi. Regular 6 strand DMC embroidery floss is 22 wpi. I feel really good about these yarns. Of course there are different things I want to try and I want to spin finer, but that is why I keep spinning ,to keep learning!

I stitched with handspun on handspun. First I did a little feather stitch with a dk singles on a 2-ply chunky stockinette swatch.

Feather stitch
Feather stitch

This took about a second and was fun and satisfying. I immediately realized I couldn’t pull so hard with embroidery on knitting. The embroidery floats on the top.When I pulled tightly it sunk into the knitted fabric and disappeared.  I was a little disappointed that yarn that is variegated for knitting isn’t variegated for stitching. I need much shorter color runs for my yarn. More fun to ponder.

Then I used my freshly spun yarns. A little flower on a cabled swatch.

Blue Flower
Blue Flower

The yarns behaved beautifully (win!) and didn’t fuzz much with repeated pulling out and restitching. I like this as a first go at stitching on textured knitting. I am curious about different ways to stitch on already textured fabric. There is lots to sample and stitch in this realm.

I’m loving this so much I have to remind myself to go back to my regular work. It’s exciting to have something new – the embroidery and something old – spinning to pair up. It’s great to have a new technique to dig into with spinning – spinning fine. This is exactly why I never say never when it comes to craft. I didn’t want to spin fine in the past becasue I didn’t want to knit or weave with it, but now that I want to stitch with handspun, spinning fine is at the top of my spinning to-do list.

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