Jillian’s Spinning: What Are You Doing in 2014?


welcome 2014
Here’s to lots of spinning in 2014!

I love goals, sometimes they give me a general direction in my mental meandering, sometimes they get me places I never thought possible.

I have spinning goals for this year, do you?

1. Write more / Teach more. This past year I realized how much I love to write and teach about spinning. For me there is a lot of spinning that happens before I show up in the classroom or on the page, so this goal includes lots of sample spinning as well as the teaching and writing.

2. Figure out a way to organize my spinning projects from vision, through sampling, through finished product that works for me. I seem to do this in a different way for each project/idea. The photo above is Spunky Eclectic Pomegranate Martini on mixed BFL to be a cardigan. It’s my first test project.

3. Study, research, spin, stitch, completely belly flop into and abandon myself to my lust for embroidery thread. Why fight it?

4. Start my own blog, I love writing here on the KnittyBlog and will keep doing Spinning Tuesdays and more, but I want a place where I can talk and show and ponder more things, including spinning. I want a place where I can slip down a rabbit hole and stay there for awhile. I’ll let you know when it’s live.

5. This touches on spinning, but isn’t totally spinning: participate in Year of Making. Year of Making is a 365 day photography project. I was inspired to do this by Miriam Felton, she had a gorgeous Year of Making last year. I’ll be taking a picture every day for a year about something I’m making or have made. It can be anything that is creative to me. So far I’ve posted the usual knitting, spinning, embroidery, but I’ve also posted making soup and learning how to make stop action videos on iMovie. I’m doing it on my Instagram feed.

Five things, I think I can do it all.

What are you up to in 2014?



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3 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: What Are You Doing in 2014?

  1. Stardancer

    I’m learning to spin! I had gift cards this year, so I bought my first spindle and some lovely soft wool. So excited!

  2. Susan

    I’m really excited about your new interest in embroidery. I hope you’ll start a blog where you can talk in earnest about that. How you got intriqued, what you hope to explore. I took Spinning with Color with you in Rhinebeck and loved your class-but I’d take it on any subject for the enthusiasm you bring!

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