WWW: Knitwear in Fashion; Amy & Kate hit the Big Apple; Knitted Microbes

A profile of two small British fashion labels specializing in knitwear, & Daughter and Needle. Points off for mentioning the inevitable “granny” stereotype, but it’s nice to hear about interest in high quality knitwear picking up. ¬†Both are using high quality yarns and valuing the work. I particularly appreciate the price point of the socks. Even if you’re not in the market for a new cashmere merino blend sweater, the styling of the garments is very nice – clean, modern, easy to wear. Simple and chic – just the way I like it!

See you there?

Both Amy and Kate are teaching at Vogue Knitting Live this weekend in NYC – say hello if you see us!

Improving lives – through knitting!

The City of Science program in Glasgow, Scotland, has put out a call for knitters to make woolly microbes to contribute to an educational program to run in primary schools this spring. The goal of the program is to teach youngsters about the importance of handwashing to combat the spread of disease, and patterns have been published for various microbes, including the common cold, swine flu, cholera and TB. (They’re not all bad – you can also knit penicillin if you’d prefer.)

Just that idea that there’s a pattern to knit the common cold makes me smile.

Even if you don’t have favorite numbers, they are still great socks…

Interweave has just launched its Spring 2014 issue of Sockupied, with a focus on math & science and how it influences knitters and knitting. The featured designer is our own Kate, and her design Constant Cables codes some of her favorite numbers into a sock.

Editor’s note, February 7: It’s come to our attention that this author might not be as much of an expert as he seems. Much of his writing and research has been questioned by other, well-respected and well-educated knitting historians and fiber experts. Read with caution.

Fascinating for knitters, spinners and historians: I’ve just found this blog, A Fisherman Knits. The author and knitter, an environmental scientist from California is interested specifically in the gansey form of sweater. In a recent blog post, he writes about choosing yarn for a garment project, looking at the details of the fiber but also the spin and the construction of the yarn itself. And I love this fantastic historic detail he drops:

Working with rather fine needles on rather fine yarns in a cool house, I have gotten out the leather knitting apron. Look at the old pix of knitters – they are all wearing aprons – they knew what they were doing. Fine DPN are pointy, and aprons protect the legs.

Singing duo My Bubba sing a beautiful little ditty about knitting... “got the yarn and I’m gonna do some knitting…. I need to do some knitting”. Recorded live for KEXP, a radio station out of the University of Washington, in Seattle.

Designer and blogger Andi Satturlund with some rather excellent hacks to use office supplies for knitting…

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