WWW: Mathematical Knitting; On Recreating a WWI-era Sweater, Vogue Knitting Live Class Report

Makes my nerdy heart beat faster: the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings, put on by the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America last week featured a full day special session on Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Fiber Arts.

One of the highlights was Carolyn Yackel‘s session on creating modified Truchet tiles, which she called p4m tiles. The best part? They were inspired by the Templeton Square competition in Knitty.

And another session, led by Elizabeth L. Wilmer, was all about a mathematical formula for truly random cables, something she started pondering after seeing the Knitty random-cable design “Chaos”.

One of my students, starting her first sock!

Self-promotion alert: Amy Kasper of the Knitting Examiner sat in on one of my Vogue Knitting classes last weekend, and she writes a report.

A full run-down of the event is here.

The assignment.

Designer Elizabeth Lovick writes about recreating and knitting a WW1-era sweater for a film production. It’s a lovely sweater, and the blog post is a nice insight into how you analyze a garment for recreation. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the sweater as it grows!

Astounding! Fantastic! Clever! Adorable! Tiny! Potter-riffic!

Gratuitous puppy-in-handknit-sweater-photo alert! A group in Lincolnshire in the UK is making and collecting hand-knit sweaters for a local dog shelter.

It’s great to see Susan Crawford and her Knitted Swimsuit project getting a shout-out on this blog post about the history of swimwear.

Might be good for those friends and family members who have been asking you to teach them to knit. Let them learn from Nell, and you can get on with your own project… 😉

UK Newspaper the Guardian is offering a knitting lesson. The teacher, Nell Frizzell, reports that she was taught to knit by her father.

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