WWW: Staying Warm, Hobbit Knitting, Cycling-Themed Knitting

It seems like many parts of the world are experiencing extreme weather right now. Most of us are too cold and possibly wet right now, but our friends in Australia are experiencing extreme heat. Wherever you are, we hope you’re comfortable and safe in this awful, awful weather.

For those of us coming to grips with the concept of a Polar Vortex, blog “GussetPress” provides a list of the Top Five Warmest Fibers.

We love this.

Warming, in two ways: designer and editor Kate Heppell has published a pattern for a lovely rainbow headband. In advance of the Sochi Olympics, she has made the pattern free to help start discussion and spread awareness about Russia’s policies towards the LGBT community.

The warmth of love: a beautiful essay about loss and love and knitting from knitter Alanna Okun.


There are so many incredible things about this story. Knitter Denise Salway has knitted the cast of the Hobbit, including Smaug. Sure, you’re thinking to yourself, I could do that, given enough time. Lots of time. Ok, that in itself is pretty fantastic.

But the article tells us that she only picked up the needles last year, and that she wasn’t working from patterns… I nearly fell off my chair. I know it’s the wrong reference, but I think it would still be appropriate to say that the force is strong in this one.

Looking forward to the summer, Yorkshire yarn shop Baa Ram Ewe has published Bespoke, a book of cycling-theme patterns to celebrate this year’s Tour De France, which kicks off July 5 & 6th. The Grand Départ is the official starting point of the Tour, and it is held in a different location every year. This year’s edition takes place within a few hundred yards of a yarn shop! All of a sudden I’m developing an interest in cycling…

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