Jillian’s Spinning: More Stitching with Handspun Thread

A couple of weeks ago I talked about stitching with handspun thread on knitted fabric.

Since the stitching was successful on knitting I decided to try it on some linen fabric. I love linen, the heavy, swishy-ness of it. I have a lot of linen clothes that I’d love to stitch motifs on.

So here are those same handspun threads:

Front to back: tencel, alpaca/silk, merino/silk - all Lisa Souza fiber

Front to back: tencel, alpaca/silk, merino/silk – all Lisa Souza fiber

stitched on purple linen

Handspun cloud

Handspun cloud

I used the blue merino/silk and stitched a wobbly stem stitch cloud. It behaved wonderfully with the linen, not splitting or pilling. I would spin it finer next time for fabric stitching. My joy on this little project is the Tencel raindrops. I can’t get over how shiny it is stitched. I had much better luck spinning the Tencel this time. I relaxed, used smaller pieces that I shook waaay open and spun from the end with lots of twist and barely any take up (thank you Beth Smith!). I spend a silly amount of time smiling and petting my little rain cloud.

I want to spin more Tencel and start experimenting with different silks. But first I think I’ll try some different wools and fiber blends all spun similarly and stitched side by side for comparison. I feel like I can have grand spinning dreams for embroidery yarns because I’m only spinning about 25 yards at a time.

I want to point out how easy it was for me to leap out of my spinning comfort zone with spinning embroidery yarns. I’ve wanted to make better friends with worsted and fine spinning. I’ve put both on want-to lists over and over, but all I needed was a little new obsession to learn to love spinning both worsted and fine yarns.

What’s new and wonderful in your spinning life?

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