WWW: Extreme Knitting….

Warm, stylish and educational!

So much to love: two Norwegian high school teachers have made particle physics-themed sweaters as a thank you gift to scientists at CERN for hosting their students on their annual visits.

Wonderful: historical illuminated manuscripts showing women spinning, carding and weaving.

Pic from @CBCOlympics twitter feed.

The knitter-verse was abuzz Saturday morning with news that there was a knitter spotted at the top of one of the Sochi snowboarding runs. Turns out it was Antti Koskinen, a Finnish snowboarding coach, and the scarf project is, quite literally, a team project. Members of the winter Finnish Olympic team will work on it, and then hand it off to the summer team before they head to Rio for the summer 2016 games.

A nice feature courtesy of the Craft Yarn Council of America about the health benefits of yarn-craft. Others are coming to understand what we’ve known all along: that knitting can calm stressed nerves, can provide opportunity for quiet meditation and mindfulness, and provide an important sense of physical accomplishment and reward. The article discusses the research work of two oncology nurses who studied the effects of knitting amongst their co-workers.

Glorious, glorious eye-candy! A video on the production of a Chanel sweater-jacket. It’s steeked! The care and attention to detail is entrancing.

With tongue firmly in cheek, blogger Amy offers 10 reasons why knitting is an excellent skill-set for the zombie apocalypse.

A challenging work, in many ways.

A retired teacher in China spent 11 years knitting her husband a hat and coat. From her own hair. Her motivation was to preserve her often-complimented hair. As far as we can tell, she didn’t spin the hair, but rather just held 15 or so lengthy strands together to make a sufficient strand for knitting with.

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5 thoughts on “WWW: Extreme Knitting….

  1. Vickie

    Loved the article on knitting and other crafts being good for your health. I’ve felt that ever since I started knitting. It’s kept me sane through some very stressful times.

  2. Asi

    Did nobody notice that the sweater and hat are crocheted, that they have flowers on them and that the article calls crochet hooks as ‘hooked needles’ while the lady herself wears what she is making???

    are they lost in translation or what?

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