WWW: Thinking Locally & Globally; Olympic Knitwear-spotting

Simple and very effective!

A cute and clever yarn-bomb on a statue of former US first-lady Lou Henry Hoover, in Waterloo, Iowa. I’m just as amused by the name of the group of yarnbombers: they call themselves the Waterloopers….

Good to hear: Ralph Lauren, the official outfitter of the 2014 Winter Olympics team, has announced that all the items of apparel will be made in the US, from US materials where possible. The wool for the sweaters comes from Imperial Stock Ranch in Oregon.

On a related note, Deb Robson writes about the concept of “terroir” as it applies to wool. To quote from Deb’s post,

We hear about terroir with regard to foods, for the most part: the concept began, I think, with wine, and refers to “the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate.”

Deb asks, entirely reasonably, why this couldn’t also be applied to fibers and yarns?

A modern spin on a classic Dale design.

On a different but equally related note, I do get rather excited about the winter Olympics, if only because of the wonderful knitwear that the Scandinavian teams inevitably wear. This year’s official Dale of Norway design for the Norwegian team is lovely.

LoveKnitting in the UK has launched a new contest. They are seeking “Britain’s Next Top Knitwear Designer“. Entrants must design a pattern for an item of men’s or women’s knitwear and send in the finished pattern with two photographs of the final item; the prize includes £1000 cash, but perhaps more excitingly, mentoring from Debbie Bliss, and a work experience placement with UK fashion designer Emilio de la Morena in advance of his S/S London Fashion Week show in September. Details at the link.

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