Jillian’s Spinning: New Knitty and Spinning Sightings

The Spring+Summer issue of Knitty is out. There are two gorgeous handspun shawls in this issue, Regenerate by Mary-Anne Mace  and Sunday Sunrise by Zsuzsa Kiss .  Regenerate is even on the COVER of this issue. I love it more than I can say when handspun makes the cover. There is still snow on the ground here in Michigan and these two shawls give me hope for flowers and green grass.



Sunday Sunrise

Sunday Sunrise

My Knittyspin column is all about different ways to measure yarn. I never measured my yarn except for length and occasionally WPI. I was never really satisfied with it and could never spin consistently from one skein to another. Since I quit fighting the measure my yarn is much more even within and between skeins. Ahhhhh.



I’ve noticed spinning in a couple of places this week:

Julia-Farwell Clay found spinning in the wild. On the Fluevog (sigh, I want all of the shoes) blog. A pair of World Zurich’s spinning on a Merlin Tree Hitch Hiker.

Have you seen Shear Madness yet?

Shear Madness

Shear Madness

It’s a reality show based on  Natalie Redding ‘s life running Namaste Farms. I’ve only seen one episode so far, but it’s great. I always knew that raising the fiber that we spin is hard work but, holy cats, seeing it is a whole other story. It’s on Nat Geo Wild on Saturday nights in the US.

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  1. RockSciKnits

    Great KnittySpin article, I’ve been thinking about getting more organised with my spinning to try to be more consistent so it’s really useful to have so much info together in one place. Just a heads up though, the home made twist angle gauge isn’t quite accurate – the angles need to be measured from the small hole level with the 180 and 0 degree marks, not the bottom of the protractor.

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