Jillian’s Spinning: No Spinning, Granny Squares

I have been slowly (very slowly) teaching myself how to crochet. With the help of friends and a couple of online classes I have managed to learn the basic stitches. I made my teenage daughter a scarf out of double crochet. It felt good to be learning something new, but there was no real spark. That thing that kicks a new craft from “it’s nice” to “I have to get up early to do one more row/stitch/whatever”.

Then I learned how to make a granny square, an innocent little square, and my friends I am a little obsessed.



Right now I’m trying them in all different sizes of yarn. There are some yarns from my stash that I never really liked as knitted, but as crochet they are a different happier beast altogether. I have no idea of the technical reasons, but I just like them better crocheted.

Mountain Colors Merino Tape yarn. Never liked it knit, love it crocheted.

Mountain Colors Merino Tape yarn. Never liked it knit, love it crocheted.

Small silk granny from slubby laceweight silk. I like the small grannies.

Small silk granny from slubby laceweight silk. I like the small grannies.


Tell me about your love for granny squares. Do you spin for crochet? Because that is now knocking on my brain asking to be let in.

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11 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: No Spinning, Granny Squares

  1. Valerie

    Motif work can be quite addictive!
    I find that short variegations in the yarn suit crochet motifs (including grannies) best.

  2. Louise

    I adore grannies. They are my go-to thing when I am at a standstill with nothing on the needles. I also like to do them at night when I’m tired and watch mindless tv. I often make centres out of all the yarn I need to be rid of or can’t stand anymore or don’t have enough of to make anything and then purchase yarn for the last row or two and the joining. It all adds up. Better yet: they totally bug the heck out of my grown up daughter. She’s totally worried I’ll make a sweater from them and wear it out of the house.

    1. Beckysmommy

      Hi. Don’t know how old you are, but when I was in college in the late 60’s, my friend’s mom made us all granny square vests, which we loved wearing. So maybe you could find yourself a pattern and make one for you and your daughter! Very cool! or as I used to say, groovy! hahahaha

  3. Andrea

    For inspiration you might like to check out Amanda Perkins designs either through Ravelry or she has a blog with a link to patterns etc Amandascrochetblog. She inspires me endlessly. You might know her as the owner of The Natural Dye Studio.

  4. Amanda

    Ooh, yeah. I know where you are (mentally).

    I crocheted my first granny square on February 1, 2014. Then I decided that I liked a more solid look…and now, I almost have an afghan.

    They are addictive! I’m already thinking about my next blanket!

  5. Glenda

    I love making granny squares too. I have some yarns that I prefer knitted, and others that I like better crocheted. Variegated yarns look totally different in knit and crochet. In knitting, you won’t get the pooling of colors as often if the colors in the yarn are short segments. That shows up more as a color block in crochet. Squares, especially grannies, really show off the blocks of color, if that’s what you like. I know some people, though, who hate color pooling, whether it’s knit or crochet. I love working with variegated yarns. It’s always exciting to see what that next row or round will look like in crochet. I’ve made several squares from the same skein and they look totally different. Have fun.

  6. ann

    I can lose track of time so easily on Ravelry but it’s gotten worse since I discovered the motifs. Wow there are some amazing Grannie squares!!! And I must admit I just love a traditional Grannie square afghan with the black borders. Always a beautiful scrap yarn project.

  7. mary

    ha ! I learned to crochet about 3 years ago specifically to do classic granny squares… I’m a woman posessed. I do them at work, waiting for busses, in cafes.. lying in bed. I buy 3mm crochet hooks but the gross… the only issue is it uses up way more yarn than knitting

  8. Laurie in Maine

    I am soooo over the Granny Square. None ever came out the same size and that whole sew-them-together-later thing spelled doom for Finishing Finally! 🙂
    I bought a spinning wheel to celebrate 2013. 2014 is all about learning to spin (SOMEDAY!) …and not being really bad at this forever! I hope I get better {grins}

  9. bittenbyknittin

    An accomplished spinner recently told me that, to spin for crochet, you might need to reverse directions or the yarn untwists as you crochet. I haven’t tried this myself, so I have no opinion.

  10. cal

    woo HOO!!! my love for grannies know no bounds! i love thrifted garish acrylic ones and divine handspun ones and everything in between. when you want to branch out from squares, there are lots of fun patterns for shawls, cowls, hats etc using granny technology! i probably have most of them faved in my Rav notebook:


    it’s so fun watching you discover the joys of the hook! have you seen my granny DRESS?


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