WWW: Poetry, Master’s Program in Knitwear Design, #sockjournal

Our Spring & Summer issue launched just yesterday, and knitter Vicki Downing-Withers was so moved by the Regnerate Shawl design, and the story the designer tells, that she wrote a poem about it.

Oh swoon did my heart
that beats so fast
when my eyes gazed
upon your edges of thistle
dripping with meaning
sorrow and delight
maroon-purple mixed with
emotions that mere words
can not express

My knitting needles fainted
when first they did see
the loveliness in the pattern
oh yes, it is of weeds

To my stash I went with haste
only to find worsted not lace
My knitting needles began to mock
imagine for them it must have been a shock
for when I opened up another cabinet door
a ball of lace fell upon the floor

It was of eight hundred yards
not the nine eighty-four required
but then I thought perhaps
I’d knit as far as I could
and if at journeys end a lapse
of inches were to be found
I’d match it with another
close and yet not the same
but just as lovely with a different name.


Knitter Denise Salway, famous for her knitted replica of all the characters in the movie The Hobbit, has unveiled her next Tolkien-inspired project: the Hobbit coat. Her work is fantastic, and her Flickr stream is definitely worth a visit, whether you’re a fan of Middle Earth or not.

Although not the main thrust of the article, I’m excited about the news that Kingston University in London, UK, is launching a master’s degree program in Knitwear Design.

Live in the Pacific Northwest? Attending Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle? Amy’s got some space left in a couple of her classes this coming weekend…

Lucretia Green, as she approaches her 100th birthday, credits her longevity to good food, music and knitting.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Bee Stripe.
Last Sunday’s Socks: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Bee Stripe.

I’ve been having fun on Twitter of late, with my #sockjournal. Pretty much every day, I tweet a picture of the socks I’m wearing, marked with the hashtag #sockjournal. Join in!

Perhaps a crazy idea, but if there really are 15,000 penguin sweaters going unused, perhaps we should channel our energy to knit penguin toys to wear the sweaters, and get these nattily-dressed little creatures donated to children in need?

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3 thoughts on “WWW: Poetry, Master’s Program in Knitwear Design, #sockjournal

  1. Denise Salway

    You have blown me away with your truly awesome comments to my Tribute to The Hobbit dust jacket thank you so so much best wishe Denise Salway @knittingwitchuk Twitter

  2. Allie

    If I had something to submit for WWW, how would I do that? I can’t find ‘Contact Us’ links on the blog.

  3. Cal Bailes

    I love the Regenerate pattern; I was looking for something to spin my limegreenjelly merino/baby camel/silk for, as it is so luxurious and it happens to be in those beautiful berry colours.
    However, I’m disappointed by the fact of yet again so many shawls and vests, only a couple aren’t and theyre both ‘Piquant’…where are all the beginner-friendly patterns and the stuff for knitters who are less ‘girly’? There used to be far more variation in patterns, more guy’s and kid’s patterns and non-clothing. Knitty is becoming quite exclusive in catering to the experienced knitter and I’m suture you’re possibly rejecting patterns from ‘unknown’ designers which are just as good and more achievable than a lot of the patterns featured over the past few seasons.
    Please feature more Knittyspin patterns (and not just scarves and hats!) Also, give the less experienced among us more ‘Mellow’ and ‘Tangy’ patterns. As previous issues have shown, simpler patterns can be beautiful too.
    It was Knitty that first got me really enthusiastic about knitting, but that was back when each issue had a wider variety of patterns. If I was seeing Knitty today for the first time, as a beginner knitter, I’m afraid I would move on, assuming it was for far more experienced knitters.
    Only the odd Knittyspin pattern/article interests me recently.

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