WWW: Tiny knitting, less-than-tiny garments; the Gawthorpe Collection


Woah. Just woah. Knitter Althea Chrome works in miniature, at 70 stitches TO THE INCH. After hitting the “I have knit all the scarves I can possibly ever need” wall, she decided to challenge herself in a rather amazing way: by getting smaller. Using silk sewing thread and surgical wire – and wearing magnifying glasses – she makes tiny sweaters and socks.

Huge congratulations to Ravelry, who just this past weekend, hit the amazing milestone of 4 million users.

Funny and yet totally serious.

Fascinating, conceptual and strangely beautiful. Japanese fashion design label Comme des Garçons showed an incredible collection of knitwear for fall 2014 in their Paris Fashion Week show last week.

I enjoyed the slideshow twice: first it made me smile, thinking how some of these multi-layered, multi-armed, stuffed and cocoon-like garments would be entirely suitable to this winter. And then I looked again, in awe of how the items are both constructed and yet de-constructed at the same time. It’s couture, these aren’t items to wear, but items to inspire and amaze and challenge. And in that, they are utterly, fantastically successful.

(The faux-ripped printed leggings are magnificent.)

Kate Davies (center) and Debbie Bliss (right) get a tour of the collection.

Also items to amaze: The historic Gawthorpe Textiles Collection lauched a new and exclusive range of knit and crochet patterns inspired by the work of Miss Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth, the founder of the Gawthorpe Textiles Collection. Designers Debbie Bliss, Kate Davies, Jane Ellison, Claire Montgomerie and Emma Varnam each created a new and exclusive item. The designers were invited to view the Gawthorpe Collection of needlecraft including embroidery, lace and costume gathered from across the globe, and the items they designed took flight from the amazing work on display. Funds raised by the sale of these patterns will be used to maintain the wonderful Gawthorpe Collection. If you’re not familiar with this wonderful little museum, read up on it.

She’s not wrong. Headline of the day, a quote from an 85-year old woman who donated a kidney.

Very cheering. Image courtesy Craftsy.

The weather may not be cooperating in letting them flowers grow outdoors, but surely your stash can be used to grow some indoors. The flower of the month is the daffodil, a personal favourite. Knit or crochet yourself some – thanks to Craftsy for the pattern collection!

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    I just fell in love with the lady from the UK, I wish she were my Nana. Thanks for sharing that with us!

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    Oh my goodness! Its a Thneed….something that everyone, everyone, everyone needs. 😉

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    wow! What socks :-). Would that be knitting taken to the limit though? It really can’t be possible to knit any smaller….

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