Jillian’s Spinning: Saranac Shawl


Gorgeous handspun shawl, Saranac

Gorgeous handspun shawl, Saranac

Kirsten Kapur released a beautiful new shawl pattern last week,  Saranac  that she designed for handspun yarn. I love the edging, different stitches and swoopy angles. I want to spin and knit this, it suits my spinning and knitting brain exactly right now. It is lovely and perfectly transitional. Plus I have a very long car ride coming up – Michigan to Florida for a diving competition. All things that make this shawl point to WIN.

Saranac, not handspun, but still beautiful.

Saranac, not handspun, but beautiful.

The first order of business is to stash dive. I came up with this mass of Woolgatherings fiber.

And narrowed it down to these three:

My three finalists

My three finalists

I’m going to spin them singly and combine them in various ways while drafting. I’ll be back next week with the results.

What are you sampling for this week?


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3 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: Saranac Shawl

  1. louise

    I love spinning like this, mixing it all up. I call it jumble spinning. And then sometimes I crochet from both ends of a ball to make the colours hit against each other. It drives the fashion police crazy. Have fun. Go nuts.

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