On Regenerate

We loved it from the minute we first saw it.

Lots of knitters have been appreciating Mary-Anne Mace’s beautiful Regenerate Shawl in our Spring & Summer issue.

In the introduction to the pattern, Mary-Anne told a story about her experiences with the earthquake in her home town of Christchurch, New Zealand.

This beautiful design was inspired by the regeneration of nature in the fact of such terrible destruction. In a recent post on her blog, Mary-Anne shows us pictures of the city in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, and in later months as the regeneration began. The pictures are heartbreaking and beautiful.

Nature regenerates; hope amid the destruction.

In addition, because Mary-Anne is a helpful designer, she’s created some supplemental charts to help knitters with the project. ¬†There are rows that have large numbers of knit stitches, and Mary-Anne has annotated the charts with stitch counts. The link is at the bottom of the post.




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One thought on “On Regenerate

  1. Lisa Noble

    Just had the chance last evening to sit with friends back from 15 months helping with the rebuilding effort in the Christchurch area. The heartbreaking news that some people are about to face their 4th winter without functional plumbing or doors that close due to the delay with insurance money and repair schedules. The International Red Cross has re-entered the situation due to the multitude of unsafe housing situations. We pay a lot of attention to stories like this one when they first break,and then we lose track of what’s going on. Thanks so much for “regenerate”, and the chance to talk about this again.

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