WWW: Eye Candy and Historical Lace

Researchers at San Francisco State University have announced the results of a recent study… Their conclusion is that “employees who did something creative after work – like knitting, drawing or even playing a video game that required creative thinking – were more likely to be helpful and creative problem solvers on the job“.  Perhaps justification to ask your boss for a knitting break every day?

Remember the epic Norwegian knitting TV show? A company in the US has bought the U.S. rights for the concept, and is planning to make “ambiance” shows for US release this year. We can only hope that they are inspired by the success of last autumn’s 9-hour knitting epic and produce something similar….

Image from the Jamieson and Smith blog. They own it. Click through to the article to see it in its full glory.

Some lovely Shetland eye-candy on the Jamieson and Smith blog truly wonderful Fair Isle handknits being worn at a meeting of the Scottish Rural Women’s Institute.

CSI: Shetland? (Craft Scene Investigation, that is…)

Staying in Scotland, historical knitting territory, I very much enjoyed this post on on Elizabeth Lovick’s blog post about her investigations into a 19th century lace pattern.

Loved this story about an initiative to provide all finishers of this year’s Boston Marathon with a hand-knit scarf. Does anyone have any additional info about the project?

A fantastic vintage row-counter… the “Little Dorrit”. Sadly no history on it, but what a great little piece of knitting equipment.

Speaking of colorwork and eye candy, check out this colorwork variation of a pair of cabled mitts. Maureen Fould’s original version of the “Intertwined” design was a single color… the two color version knocked her (and my) socks off.

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