Surprise Projects

We released our issue Surprise about three weeks ago.

(Do you know about our Surprises? About six weeks after the issue goes live, we release a couple of “bonus” patterns. We sometimes save an extra fun or interesting pattern for the Surprise. Sometimes it’s a pattern that’s a little too seasonal, if you see what I mean.)

For our Spring & Summer issue, there were two Surprises, the Neldoreth Socks, and the Fifteen Love pullover.

Now that looks like summer!

Fifteen Love may well be the perfect summer knit. And I don’t know about you, but if I’d seen these pictures in early March I would have been seriously cranky. It’s mid-May and spring has only just arrived here in Toronto.

There are some great projects underway.

There’s Clellybobus’s terrific red Neldoreth socks.

I think the “foot in half-knit sock” is my favourite category of WIP picture. I do this all the time!

And WillyG’s version is showing lots of promise… love the colorway chosen.

Oooh yeah… Love the blue-green.

And as for Fifteen Love, I think Eirny‘s choice of color combo is just fantastic.

Reminds me of a popsicle!

And this is brilliant:

Helping choose a color combo!

Milanpink built herself an illustration to help her choose her favourite color combo.  Next time I’m doing a multi-color project I have to do this myself.

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