Jillian’s Spinning: Akerworks Schacht Bobbins, Audiobooks and TdF Update

For those of you who want to try the Akerworks bobbins, but spin on a Schacht, please join in me in a Hooray! because Schacht compatible bobbins are now available.

Akerworks Bobbins for Schacht

Akerworks Bobbins for Schacht wheels. Bike Tire in Orange and Sunflower in Purple

I have yet to take mine for a spin, they came yesterday, but if they are like my Lendrum bobbins they will be a treat. I love decorating my wheels!

A quick Tour de Fleece update. From Sunday the 14th to last Sunday I spun 17 ounces. That’s a lot for me and I’m feeling it in my body. I need to stop and stretch much more than I have. What are your favorite spinning stretches?

I spun a lot

I spun a lot

Last week I talked about what I’m watching when I spin, but I listen to a ton of audiobooks too. I listen when I spin, I listen when I’m driving the kids around town, on car trips, on my morning walk and when I’m plagued by insomnia. I listen to all kinds of things, mostly fiction, lots of mysteries, lots of kids stuff. I’m never quite sure what will strike my fancy and lots of times it’s things that I wouldn’t read as a paper book. I am lucky to have a great library in town to borrow from. I’d rather borrow than buy because almost more important than the story itself is the reader’s voice. For example, I will listen to anything Davina Porter or Simon Vance read.

Davina Porter and Simon Vance

Davina Porter and Simon Vance

They both are British and have rich, soothing voices that lure me into a story and neither overplay the voice changes of different characters. She reads all of Outlander and he did the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. They both have recorded hundreds of titles. Do you choose audiobooks by story or reader or mood?

Right now I’m listening to: Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva, read by Simon Vance, this is one I wouldn’t read otherwise, but is entertaining in my ears. I’m also listening to Bird by Bird written and read by Anne Lamont, I read the book when it came out 20 years ago (glup), but she makes it much funnier than I remember.

What are you listening to for spinning or otherwise?


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12 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: Akerworks Schacht Bobbins, Audiobooks and TdF Update

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  2. Lindsay

    Lovely yarn! I’m not a spinner myself…but I think I saw you at the library yesterday! Didn’t know for sure so didn’t say hello. Purple pants? Love your blog and patterns 🙂

    1. Jillian Post author

      Yes it was me you should have said hi!
      Purple pants & a goofy grin becasue I love our library. I was checking out two more audio books read by Simon Vance and looking for new codes in the library summer game – I might be a little obsessed.

  3. Patricia in OH

    I am knitting along for camp loopy and listening to Written in My Own Hearts Blood. I am portioning it out since it is the last book in the Outlander series for a while and I LOVE Davina Porter!

    I will have to gve Simon Vance a try…

  4. stitchpunk

    I have an Audible sub and I couldn’t live without it. Currently, “Ready Player One” read by Wil Wheaton and the Harry Dresden series read by James Marsters. One of my very favourites is Dust and Shadow by Lyndsay Faye, where Holmes and Watson chase after Jack the Ripper – read by none other than Simon Vance!

  5. Linda

    I’m a music fan, especially jazz. If you love it like I do, I recommend KUVO – Denver public radio which is jazz all the time. Fantastic. (I’m not from Colorado – I listen on-line while I knit).

  6. Shaina

    I listen to lots of knitting podcasts because they get me all jazzed up to knit/spin/crochet ALL THE THINGS!! When I start a new one, I listen from episode 1 and keep going in order till I’m all caught up. Then I can listen to the new episodes as they post and I feel Luke I’ve been with them from the beginning. Right now I’m listening to all the Ready, Set, Knit! episodes and just passed episode 200.

    I do have an audible account, too and use it for books that I want to read, but they’re too long for me to be able to sit and read. My favorites are The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, anything by Brandon Sanderson, The Outlander series, and the Harry Potter series. The one rule that I have aside from having a great narrator is that the audio book has to be around 30 hours or longer. Otherwise, I don’t really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

    On a side note, I love the bottom-most yarn in your pic of hand-spun!! They are all lovely yarns, but the colors in that one are just beautiful. ^_^

  7. Rebecca

    Sookie Stackhouse southern vampire series by Charlene Harris, Phyrne Fisher Murder Mysteries by Kerry Greenwood, Bleak House and North and South through CraftLit.

  8. Petra

    ooooh, I adore Simon Vance! Have you guys heard the “His Majesty’s Dragon’ series which he reads? It’s the napoleonic wars plus giant Jacobin dragons. Soooooo much fun! But I actually wanted to jump in about stretches you can do. I teach healthy movement and stretching, and I work with some knitters. Here’s a really great hand stretch you might like: http://www.movementrevolution.ca/2014/03/19/type-much/. Also, I’m going to be putting on some workshops in the fall specifically for healthy knitting and crafting. Email me at petra@movementrevolution.com if you’d like me to send you details. Cheers!

  9. Donna

    Look for Phil Gigante (very sexy soothing voice) and Dick Hill has a great action voice (Lee Child – Reacher series). Keeps me entertained for hours.

  10. Leslie C

    For some wonderful fun, try podcasts from Decoder Ring Theatre. They have been doing audio drama in the style of older radio shows for years now, and so there’s a lot already out there for you to pull down and listen to – all free. Two main pieces: “The Red Panda” which sounds silly but trust me – try it out! In the vein of comic book heros, but this one is updated and his sidekick is a woman who can kick butt as well as he can and never needs “rescuing.” The other is “Black Jack Justice” which is like the “Hard-boiled” detectives from old days but has the added kick of a sassy, gun-toting tough but gorgeous female partner named Trixie Dixon. The comedy in both of these series is positively wonderful, the characters complex and beautifully acted by a troupe of voices that may become familiar to you over time (but not without a lot of re-listening, because they are *good*!) but best of all the stories and storylines are compelling and very, very well written. They’ve been favorites of mine for a long time now. If you have budget for it and like them, please do support them, but as I said – all offered free. Can be had through I-Tunes and there are also comic books on Kindle and books of their adventures on Amazon or through the Decoder Ring website. For the record, I only sound this enthusiastic because I’m such a fan, and I’ve not been able to support them monetarily so I try to tell people about them as my way of saying thanks for the hours and hours of entertainment they’ve given me.

  11. Michelle

    I can’t believe it! I listen while knitting and spinning to all books read by Simon Vance and Davinia Porter!

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