Jillian’s Spinning: Happy Secrets!

I have been spinning like crazy and have nothing to show you. Why? Because of secrets, that’s why. Today I’m going to tell you the secrets because I just can’t stand it any more.

Spinning Secret #1

Spinning Secret #1!

I’m doing a spinning class for Craftsy! I’ll be filming in August so my class will be available in early Fall. It’s all about plying and I’m having a blast trying to cram in everything I can and spinning (and spinning) samples

Spinning Secret #2!

Spinning Secret #2!

I’m writing a spinning book for Storey, it won’t be released until 2016 and I can’t say more than that. These are the folks that published Deb Robson’s Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, Sarah Anderson’s The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Design and Beth Smith’s forthcoming The Spinner’s Book of Fleece, I’m excited and nervous all in one giggling bundle.

I’ll give you peeks of everything I’m doing as I go along. I’m having crazy fun and my Tour de Flecce and Spinzilla numbers are going to be huge!

happycampertrimmedMy Happy Camper Fiber Retreat is coming up fast, have you signed up yet? Along with Rita Petteys of Yarn Holllow and Beth Smith, we are going to be obsessing about color. In my class we’ll be combining variegated tops for new fun colorways. It’s an excellent way to use your stash of single 4 oz braids for something bigger. We’ll be spinning from a class stash of variegated fiber dyed just for this retreat. We heard through the spinning grapevine that some potential Happy Campers wanted single rooms, so we added them! Come and spin with me September 19-21!

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  2. Amanda

    Oooohh, exciting! I can’t wait for your Craftsy class. They really need more spinning courses…a focus on plying sounds excellent. Congratulations!

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