Showing your love for knitting on your car

A couple of weeks ago I ran into Lana Holden, designer of Knitty favorite pattern The Skew Sock.

I gasped out loud when I saw her license plate…

Friend of Knitty Laura Nelkin took a photo of this fantastic jeep last year…


(Although pretty sure the owner of this particular vehicle also crochets… )

The inimitable Lucy Neatby has decorated her car with her trademark “happy stitch” logo.


Lorajean, yarn dyer behind keeps it simple:


Karen, owner of the fantastic yarn shop Shall We Knit has this on her car…

SWK - Copy

Lara Neel spotted this one, but we don’t know who is belongs to…


If one of these is yours, or you have a knitting-themed license plate, show us a picture!

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15 thoughts on “Showing your love for knitting on your car

  1. Beth

    I am pretty sure the crochet wheel cover belongs to someone at the Mannings – I saw it at the store the last time I was there. Beth

  2. Janelle

    Yes, the wheel cover is by Carol, owner of The Mannings in East Berlin, PA. She is also cjwool in Ravelry if you’re trying to reach her.

  3. Caryl

    My plate is k4tog — I think k2tog was already taken in PA But I wanted 4 anyway because we are a family of 4. Can’t figure out how to attach a photo here…..

  4. Jamie

    I have had the personalized plate [picture of a hand]KNIT for many years. You would be amazed at the number of people who ask me what KNIT (they usually spell it out) means.

  5. Emily

    I recently saw a licence plate that said SK2P. Wish I’d been that clever when registering my car!

  6. Therese

    My plate says LUV2KNT. My husband gave me the suggestion and now he won’t drive my car LOL

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