WWW: Holiday Gift Knitting? Friends for Life Bike Rally; Durable Socks

Make ’em last!

Our very own Kate (that’s me! 😉 ) is a frequent contributor to Interweave’s Sockupied, and she’s in the most recent issue on the topic of sock durability.

The Yarn Harlot and assorted friends (hello gang! we’re proud of you!) are midway through their epic fundraising bike ride, the PWA Friends for Life Bike Rally. They’re riding from Toronto to Montreal – 660km (412 miles or so) – to raise funds to support people living with AIDS. You can follow along on Steph’s tweets and Instagram posts, and if you’d like to learn more (and maybe contribute a bit), visit her blog.

The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library in Kansas has launched a new pilot program for lending of craft kits and equipment. What a fantastic way to allow crafters to try out new tools and techniques before making a financial commitment.

A fun and enlightening read about the history of Kitchener stitch. (Yes, because it’s a proper noun, named after a person, it should always be capitalized. Residents of Ontario, Canada, are used to typing it with a capital K, since the eponymous Lord gave his name to a town, also.) It’s worth reading the comments, too. As is always the way with history, some of the details are murky. It’s most likely that the technique existed long before World War One, but it gained a new name because of associations with the Lord and his troops…

UK magazine Women’s Weekly is collecting knitted Christmas decorations with a view to both raising some charitable cheer, and breaking a World Record.

Yes, that’s right, it’s less than 6 months now until the holiday season. How’s your gift knitting coming along?…

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