WWW: Unwind, Knit City 2014, More on ‘Unsafe’ Bunting Saga

The winner of last week’s Hunter Hammersen sock book giveaway is Juli from Iowa. Congrats Juli, and thanks to Hunter for the prize!

Image courtesy the Independent.

Last weekend’s Unwind festival, held in Brighton, U.K. (Amy was there!) gets a lovely write-up in the Independent newspaper.

You’re playing my song…

Grace Verhagen of the very lovely Sweet Georgia Yarns writes on the blog about what makes a good sock yarn.

Sweet Georgia is running a ‘Summer of Socks’, with educational blog posts, a spin- and knitalong, and there’s a contest!

Also on the topic of Vancouver (the home of Sweet Georgia Yarns), the teacher line-up has just been announced for Knit City 2014, being held at the Pacific National Exhibition Centre, October 4 & 5th. The third annual event, Knit City is the premier knitting event in B.C. Kate’s taught there the first two years, and this year Amy is joining her. Class lists and registration info here. Even if you don’t take a class, the retail fair is always terrific. So much yarn, and so many great designers and indie dyers from the Pacific Northwest. And last year there was both a coffee truck and a grilled cheese truck. Really, what more do you need?

Working on the bunting.

Further on the contentious Tour De France bunting: the Harrogate bunting will be left up until September, and then turned into blankets to be donated to charity. The Cambridge bunting will be sold, with proceeds also going to charity.

Australian knitter Josephine Erlich knits coats and blankets for dogs at her local animal rescue organization.

“I feel sorry for the dogs, the lovely little chaps must be so cold,’’ she says. “My dogs run around naked but they are in a warm house.”

Newspaper the Herald Sun has nominated her for a “Pride of Australia” award for her kindness and generosity.

The pattern in question.

Canadian newspaper the Calgary Herald received a rather unusual piece of mail this week: two dimes taped to a piece of paper, with a request for a knitting pattern. The pattern had been offered for sale in the newspaper – in 1939.

Researchers are the paper are searching the archives but haven’t yet found the pattern – they’ve put out an appeal, hoping that someone might have a copy they can supply to their reader.

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  1. Leslie C

    I don’t see a way to comment to the Herald, but with only a little Google time before work, I did find that it’s probably a pattern by Laura Wheeler, whose quilting, knitting and crochet patterns could be had this way at that time. Perhaps, if it’s still extant somewhere, this will help someone find it?

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