Jillian’s Spinning: Diversion by Magazine

I am now on the last 6 months before my book manuscript is due and my brain is hopping around like a flea. Everyday I take some time for a diversion, I make myself do something relaxing for at least 30 minutes in the middle of the day, when maybe, I should be working. I relax and it takes that high pitched, “you need to work better,faster,stronger!” whine in my head to a much lower decibel.

One of my favorite diversions is magazines. To be counted as a diversion it can’t be a knitting (my exception is any Japanese knitting magazine) or spinning magazine (the exception here is fresh out of the mailbox issues of PLY or Spin Off) but it can have to do with other textile lovliness. Here are a few I’m looking at this week:

Selvedge – the British textile magazine everyone I know wants to live inside.

Selvedge - even the paper feels good!

Selvedge – even the paper feels good!


TAC – the brand new Textile Arts Center magazine

TAC - Who doesn't love a fleece cover?

TAC – Who doesn’t love a fleece cover?

Hoop-La – a newish (this is the second issue) British embroidery magazine that seems to feature every embroidery designer that fill my boards on Pinterest.

Hoop-La even when I don't have time to stitch, I can read about it.

Hoop-La, even when I don’t have time to stitch, I can read about it.

Väv – a Swedish weaving magazine that Jane Patrick of Schacht introduced to me. Although I haven’t sat at a loom in many years, this magazine makes me itchy to weave.

Väv you make me want to weave again.

Väv – you make me want to weave again.

Do you read any of these magazines? Do you have any suggestions of others that I would find diverting?

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6 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: Diversion by Magazine

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  2. Katie

    Have you seen yarnmaker? It’s a British published spinning magazine, it has a very different feel to spin off and ply, but some really interesting articles.

    1. Jillian Post author

      I subscribed the first year and somehow I let subscription lapse. Thanks for the reminder, I’m going to resubscribe!

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