On choosing colors for Volteado

The designer of the very lovely Volteado socks has written a really great post on her blog: discussing color combos and choices for the socks.

The originals, in Plum and Sunset.

I love the colors she chose for the sample, but then when I saw some of the suggestions she and Tanis, the yarn dyer, had for other combos.. well, just wow! These two worked together would be absolutely fantastic.

They have ideas for all tastes and moods.

The designer is also hosting a KAL for the socks, on Ravelry. It runs until the end of November, and knitters who complete a pair of socks will be entered to win a prize.

The Ravelry group provides a fun way to see other color combos in action. This unexpected variegated-and-solid version by SuperM is a winner.

And Artndzne’s are coming along really well, too, in Tanis’s Truffle and Papaya… just as the colornames suggest, there’s a of chocolate-and-fruit thing going on which I find really beautiful.

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