The new love of my life

Eureka, I love you.
Eureka, I love you.

It’s almost embarrassing, but I am in love with my vacuum.

It’s not a Dyson. (I can hear the gasps.) No really. It’s a Eureka. It cost me $59 at my local vacuum store (who I love supporting because he only has good stuff and gives me solid recommendations every time I need something) and it’s possibly the most wonderful thing ever to enter the apartment of a woman who was stupid enough to buy a black fabric couch.

Why do I love it so?

It’s corded, so there is none of that “the battery life sucks”, like I read in every online comment of every cordless vac I researched.

It’s bagless.

It sucks like you would not believe and has a rotating brush for fabric/carpet/upholstery.

Mostly, it WORKS. I live with two mini-rex rabbits (well, actually one mini-rex and one rex, but that’s another blog post). Their fur is finer than baby hair and clings tougher than any pet hair you will ever encounter. I had a cushion that I hadn’t cleaned since before the move. COVERED in an embarrassing amount of clumpy super-fine fur. This thing cleaned it like new in less than a minute. LIKE NEW. And then I popped the plastic dust cover off (that clear thing in the pic above), and the super-fine fur was neatly gathered in the filter. Which is washable, btw.

I wish I had a before and after pic to show you, but I was so excited to test this thing, I completely forgot.  I did the couch, too.

Yeah, it’s heavy. I can deal with that. The thing WORKS.

Appliance love, ftw.

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10 thoughts on “The new love of my life

  1. Bryn

    Thanks for the recommendation! I need to check this out–our house-rabbit (American Sable) loves to get on the couch and…yeah. I sit down wearing a black sweatshirt and get up with a fuzzy, pale brown one.

  2. JennR

    Ooooh! I need one of those for the cat hair (one longhair, one fine black). Especially the stuff that builds up in the corners on the stairs where I can’t take the big vac. Thanks!

  3. Maryann

    I bought one of these a couple of years ago, and its only flaw is how doggone big the handle is. It’s too big around for my hand, and is painful to use after a few minutes. Otherwise I would vacuum every surface of my home with that thing. 🙂

    1. Amy

      I think the key is to use it more frequently, for shorter periods of time. But I get wanting to do all the cleaning at once.

      What about using a big, thick knitted swatch as padding for the handle? Sew it in place and maybe it will cushion the thing for you?

  4. Lucia

    I have the exact same vacuum and it’s one of my favorite possessions. I LOVE THAT THING! I purchased it after much research and it has been fabulous. One cat and two little birds can produce an insane amount of fur and feathers that seem to get everywhere! The handheld nature and fantastic amount of ‘suck’ are perfect for getting the dust bunnies that accumulate, even in hard to reach places.

  5. Ricki

    We have an old re-chargable hand vac that is HORRID. I have been wanting a new one…read your blog, went to Amazon and read the reviews there and just bought one! I am so excited to throw out the
    old one!!!

  6. kmkat

    Sing it, sistah! We have two dogs and two cats, all long-haired and who all love to share their fur with us. A good vacuum is key to sanity!

    1. Amy

      Not at all TOO heavy — it’s heavy, but not ridiculously so. The weight is listed on the site…i think about 5 lbs. I’m just a wuss. 🙂

      And it has that amazing flippy visor thingy that goes out of the way to get the vertical part of the stair, if you have carpeting. So clever!

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