Obsession Thursday: passing it on

An occasional friend died last year — someone I knew because she was friends with my close friend. I really liked her but we never saw each other much just because…life, you know? Except the one time she wrote me out of the blue and asked to stay in my guest room.

Her favorite musician, Greg Brown, was coming to my town. I’d never heard of him. She came, stayed with me, took me to the concert. I got to enjoy her giddiness at seeing her favorite musician up close, and really enjoyed the concert. I’ve been listening to his music ever since.

Now when one of his songs comes on my iPod, I think of D and wish she were still here. And thank her silently for passing on her love of this man’s music to me.

Here’s my favorite song of his:

And now D has shared him with you, too.

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2 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: passing it on

  1. Nancy Gossett

    That is lovely, the song, the story, and the way her story will pass on to so many more.

  2. shelley

    I had a friend who loved Greg Brown too and she dragged us all to a concert of his. Grateful she did. I think of my time at grad school every time I listen to his music.

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