Jillian’s not Spinning: Rebecca Ringquist Embroidery Book Giveaway

I learned to embroidery from Rebecca Ringquist’s Creativebug class andย  I haven’t stopped stitching since. I’ve spent a year stitching her samplers and stitching on just about everything I can get a needle through. She is a creative hero of mine.

I am so excited that she has a new book out!

Creative inspiration!

Creative inspiration!

I reviewed the book in this issue of Knitty:

Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops
by Rebecaa Ringquist
STC /A Melanie Falick Book
$29.95, hardcover
Rebecca Rinquist’s mantra for teaching embroidery is “Don’t worry, just stitch”. This book is like no other how-to embroidery and for that I am very grateful.
I learned to embroider from Rebecca a few years ago through her Creativebug class and it was exactly the revelation I wanted. Embroidery doesn’t have to be a litany of do this, exactly this way and no knots ever; it can be as relaxed a creative pursuit as I wanted it to be.
This book is filled with exceptional teaching and beautiful examples of embroidery, and it opens with a photo of the back of a sampler stitched by Rebecca herself. Guess what it shows? Knots, and threads stretched from one working area to another, not the “back should be as clean as the front” school of embroidery.
Rebecca teaches the basics of embroidery stitches using a sampler (included in the book). In her teaching, she takes the rich tradition and history of embroidery in a new modern, relaxed direction.

This book is divided into four main sections: Stitch, Trace, Draw and Layer. Stitch breaks down the families of stitches how to create basic stitches and how to make many variations. Trace explains a variety of ways to transfer images to embroider, including the best methods for different fabrics. Draw teaches the basics of mark making, creating original images or lines as a supplement to an existing design or as a freehand design on fabric. Layer explores methods of embroidering over already embroidered fabrics.

Each section has several projects designed to instantly try out the lesson taught in the chapter. They range from ones that can be completed in an afternoon to ones that require thought and the possible scouring of flea markets. Highlights for me are the Single-Stitch Patches, Portrait Napkins, Angela’s Stitch Doodle Bracelets and the 3D Embroidered Buckle Brooches.

The main sections are bookended with a beginning chapter on Supplies, including supplies for machine embroidery and an ending chapter on Finishing: how to mount, frame, stretch and hang your work.
All of the how-to is overflowing with step-by-step illustrations and photography. It is abundantly clear what to do and what it should look like when you are finished.
The book is packed with beautiful pictures of embroidery, particular stitches, projects to make, Rebecca’s mixed media art and all the color and texture of embroidery supplies. It is impossible to look through this book and not want to play along.

I have one copy of Rebecca’s beautiful book to giveaway.ย  Leave a comment before Sunday April 19th 2015 to be entered for a chance to win!

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148 thoughts on “Jillian’s not Spinning: Rebecca Ringquist Embroidery Book Giveaway

  1. Donna H

    This book looks gorgeous! I’ve started embroidering again, using the skills I learned as a teen. I’m really enjoying it and would love this book. Thanks for another great giveaway!!

  2. Meredith MC

    I haven’t embroidered for years but I would love to get back to it. I once, in my hippie youth, bought a moth eaten cashmere sweater for nothing and covered all the holes with embroidered flowers and butterflies.i loved that sweater and I was really proud of how I’d taken trash and made this gorgeous garment out of it. I literally cried when my sweater fell into a campfire ( a drying accident). The smell of burning cashmere is tattooed on my psyche.
    I think I’m over it though, and I’d like to try again.

  3. SuthernGirl

    I haven’t done any embroidery in 40 years but the desire is coming back to me. This would certainly help me brush up those skills!

  4. Debra

    This book looks amazing. I have been stitching forever but still feel like a beginner. French Knots befuddle me! Would love to have this treasure as a resource to help me overcome my French Knot phobia. Thank you for the giveaway.

    deblyn153 on RAV

  5. Janet

    That reminds me, I have one of her samplers. I should dig it out and get going on it. I need to look for this book too.

  6. Jean

    Like many others, I learned embroidery from my Gram when I was little. With a hand injury that hurts every time I knit, I’m hunting for other things to work on before I go crazy! This book sounds perfect, and I love the idea that the work doesn’t have to look perfect on the back. Hurray!

  7. DakotaAJ

    Oh My – count me in! I picked up needlework again last year after being inspired here, and love her work –

  8. Barb B

    This book looks like just the thing I need to learn to embroider. Pillowcases would be the first real project after some practice. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Rowena Philbeck

    Looks like a really great book. I embroidered when I was younger and now their are such great yarns and its really gotten more attention. I just love to get back into it again. This would be a great start.

  10. Laura from beautiful West Michigan

    I would love to learn more about embroidery. It seems to be making a comeback and I love anything to do with fiber and hands!

  11. Sara in Brooklyn

    What a wonderful giveaway! Embroidery was my first ‘needle skill’ – RR’s book looks like magical…

  12. Patricia Walters

    I have admired Rebecca’s approach to embroidery for some time now. I would love to take one of her in-person workshops but she doesn’t seem to come to Texas. Receiving a copy of her book would be wonderful.

  13. Angela W

    I’ve never tried embroidery. Rebecca’s approach totally seems like something I could try and not stress too much about!

  14. Fara McCune

    I love the cover! It’s been many years since I did any embroidery. I’d love the inspiration this book would provide. Thank you!

  15. Lucy

    I recently just picked up some embroidery as a break from knitting. What fun it is to practice a new skill again!

  16. Laura C

    What a beautiful book! I would love to win this. I have a number of embroidery projects that could use some inspiration. Thank you for the opportunity.

  17. Cheri Roosen-Runge

    Embroidery and Summer time–what a perfect combination to take advantage of the long days!

  18. Sans

    Nice article about embroidery. I am always drawn to the colors so I buy a lot of floss, but it’s just sitting in a tin of embroidery supplies I’ve kept from my grandmother. Maybe the book would inspire me to get back to embroidering?

  19. Claudia

    Embroidery, for me, is like painting on fabric. I love the cover of this book as it brings that home for me.

  20. Janet Martin

    I’m pleased to see that embroidery is getting some attention these days–it seems a neglected art. Don’t enter me in the drawing, but I did want to thank you for offering this book to someone else who might love the craft as much as I. I have recommended purchase to my local library, because it looks like a terrific book.

  21. Carol Haines

    I have been waiting for inspiration to rekindle my love of embroidery and this book is just the ticket .

  22. Gloria mendoza

    Rebecca makes me feel I can learn to do embroidery in a relaxed way that makes me feel happy. Thanks for the offer of the book hope I win.

  23. Luke Martinelli

    I’d love a copy of this book, i’m still a bit of a beginner stitcher and would love the help this book could offer.

  24. Marsha

    Maybe this book would inspire me to finish the over-the-bed wall hanging I started three years ago. It’s still on the floor stand hoop and crying to escape.

  25. Judy Donovan

    Wow. I have always thought that the backs of embroideries were works of art in themselves, especially when not tidied up as the rules dictated they must be. Nice to have our artistic chickens set free!

  26. Jess

    I’ve had one of Rebecca’s printed samplers in my crafting “queue” for about a year now…this book might actually get me to dive in!

  27. michelle

    I saw a lovely idea once where, instead of fretting about marks left on your tablecloth, you free form embroider around them instead. The marks become a celebration of all the meals you’ve had together instead of a laundry super challenge. Cool aye?

  28. Sarah Chimblo

    I love Rebecca’s creative bug class. I’m learning more stitches! Would love this book!

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