Jillian’s Spinning: How Do You Like to Measure WPI?

Do you wrap? Do you roll? Do you match a line?

Measuring wpi
Measuring wpi

Do you measure the same way while you are spinning  as you do when your yarn is finished? I don’t. While I’m spinning I use a Spinner’s Control Card and match my wpi again a line. It’s so quick and I’m just looking for an ish measurement. I do have to admit that the 5 year old in me loves the retractable cord it comes on. I always wanted one of those big  retractable janitor keychains when I was a kid.

When my yarn is finished I either wrap or roll onto a wpi gauge. I used to be a wrapper but now I’m a roller. Which means, I move the gauge not the yarn. I find that I am less likely to pull and stretch the yarn if I roll, especially if I’m in a hurry. Or if I have a suspicion that my yarn is the wrong wpi and I’m tying to make it work.

The gauges in the picture are; Police Box WPI Gauge from Tangerine Designs, Nancy’s Knit Knacks WPI guage – part of the WPI Kit, Spinner’s Control Card by VIP Fiber – I can’t find it online anymore.

How do you measure?


How to measure yarn



I did a measuring web seminar with Interweave yesterday. It will be available to buy as recording tomorrow on the Interweave site.  It’s an hour’s worth of how-tos and tips on measuring handspun yarn. If you’re new to measuring or need some reminders on just how to do it all, you might finds this useful!

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