Obsession Thursday: Selling stuff the easy way!

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.07.28 PMWhen I moved to my new neighborhood, I did something uncharacteristic. I turned to Facebook. What resources did it have for me?

Turns out, lots. Neighborhood pages where any local occurrence is dissected and analyzed, complaints about dog poo and unshovelled sidewalks and noise. New businesses are celebrated; old ones mourned when they close. It’s fascinating.

And then there are the Buy and Sell pages. THOSE are my newest obsession. Neighbors offload the stuff they’ve bought to other neighbors, usually at ridiculously low prices, just to get them out the door. I’ve bought (both my air conditioners are less than a year old, and were less than $100 each) and sold (the old Knitty macbook pro just went out the door today). It’s better than eBay or Kijiji or Craigslist. If you have something good to sell, it will be GONE in a flash (my laptop sold in an hour) with no fees. The biggest problem? No-shows. It’s worth the risk.

I keep looking around the apartment to see what else I can sell.

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4 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: Selling stuff the easy way!

    1. Amy Singer

      I just typed in the name of my neighbourhood in the search box at the top of the page, just to see, and they came up! I’m sure it would be the same just about anywhere!

  1. Renee Anne

    I love our neighborhood pages. For us, it’s for things like what the city is planning to do to get the neighborhood out of a FEMA-declared flood zone or when there are shifty people wandering about someone’s yard. And then there are the buy-&-sell pages….I need to unload some baby stuff 🙂

    1. Amy Singer

      Yeah, when we were at a party nearby and the SWAT team showed up and made everyone go back to the backyard, first place I went was the main neighbourhood page. Everyone was, of course, talking about it, and a few posts down, there was the answer. I knew when it was safe to go home from reading the page. (It turned out it was a kid with a paintball rifle, but it looked like a real firearm and the cops were just being careful.)

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