WWW: Making some noise about piracy, theatre, and fiber


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Designer Hunter Hammersen was robbed. Her person is safe and her home is safe, but her loss was large and expensive after someone pirated and sold her gorgeous patterns on Etsy without authorization.  Hours upon hours of intellectual and creative property (more hours than most of us can imagine) were sold without her permission or knowledge and to someone else’s benefit.  She blogged about it eloquently and launched a rally cry for support on social media.  Designers and authors make a living with their craft, and they work diligently to provide us with quality work for just and reasonable compensation.  Please buy your next pattern from reputable sources and know that if you see a deal that is too good to be true, it is probably a rotten egg.

The knitting cabaret A Stitch in Time premiered at the Regina Fringe Festival last weekend, and I’m pretty geeked out over the entire concept.  Melanie Gall wrote the cabaret about the history of knitting in song and war, and her show sounds like a great time.  She’s on the road and will be in Edinburgh next month.

In the meantime, enjoy the ear worm!



Susan Crawford has undertaken an inspiring project about the history of knitted garments in Shetland.  She posted her project on the crowdfunding site publush.com and (as of this writing) has surpassed her £12,000 goal (135% funded)!  Her book is slated for publication in November and will be available in both hard copy and electronic formats.  I’m adding it to my wish list now.

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Credits to my mama who brought this particular article to my attention earlier this week (the original piece was published in The Saturday Evening Post in 1946).  I fell in love with the sisters Walker, who lived in a log cabin constructed when Abe Lincoln was practicing law.  They thrived through hard work in the Smoky Mountains, growing their own wool, spinning, knitting and living off the land.  It’s easy to romanticize their lives while I’m sitting in my air-conditioned home on a 100F day, but I sure enjoy doing it!

Wishing you all a comfortable 72F day.  Hope you’re knitting to your heart’s content!






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