WWW: On crossover art, sculpture and brainiacs

Devoted Knitty fan, Ilehlia of Ontario, shared the astonishing street art of Ann Arbor’s David Zinn.  His art is lively, humorous, engaging and appeals to all ages. Our particular favorite was his homage to knitting:

Knitting on the sidewalk with a flying pig as one does...
Knitting on the sidewalk with a flying pig as one does…

Oklahoma knitters are taking part in a massive knitted piece set to go on display in Tulsa in the Brady Arts District.  The project “The Unbearable Absence of Landscapes” requires 4,000 knitted squares and will cover the entire outdoor facade of the gallery.

I see trees of green.... ...I see skies of blue
Sing with me:  I see trees of green….
…I see skies of blue

As further evidence that fiber artists are brainiacs, look what happened when researchers and fiber artists combined science, technology and art!  These knitted masterpieces are designed directly via the brain activity of subjects listening to classical music!

Brain waves interpreted!
This is your brain, this is your brain knitted.  Any questions?

Geometric designs often inspire knit designs, and this piece is absolutely no exception.  Artist Atelier YokYok has created a courtyard string sculpture that is jaw dropping!  I see cables, but you may see increases/decreases or color work.  Magnificent!


We have great news for the world domination efforts of knitters and crocheters!  First there was this video game, and now there’s news that Yoshi’s Woolly World has just been released in Europe (and is expected in North America in just a few months)!  Yoshi’s promises to be popular with gamers and strengthens our worthy world domination cause!  (If only they can figure out a way to let us play and knit simultaneously…)

Proof that knitters and crocheters will someday rule the world!

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3 thoughts on “WWW: On crossover art, sculpture and brainiacs

  1. Patti

    In that first piece, by David Zinn, that pig looks exactly like Perfect the Pig from the children’s book of the same name written by Susan Jeschke. I read it over and over to my children years ago. Brings back such wonderful memories. 🙂

  2. Aimee

    Kirby’s Epic Yarn was a video game that came out over 4 years ago. I convinced my DH to put it on our wedding registry.

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