WWW: Cast off Chemo; Largest Knitted Doll? Keeping brains fit

The best of causes.

Coming up in October, Cast off Chemo is holding an online auction through EBay to raise funds for a clinical trial for a cancer treatment that doesn’t involve chemotherapy.  Big guns like Skacel, Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts, Berroco and more have donated items towards the auction.  This is your chance to enhance your stash, get some cool products like Denise Interchangeable or HiyaHiya needles, yarn totes, crochet sets and many others.

“We are grateful to have such generous sponsors and contributors from the craft industry,” said Susan Sullivan, Auction Coordinator.  “All the funds raised will go to the goal of raising $1 million for a clinical trial that could make a huge difference for those with breast cancer and other cancers.”

In addition to the online auction, there are currently patterns available on Ravelry. Over 50 knit and crochet patterns are already available for $5 each, with all proceeds going to the cause.  New patterns are uploaded weekly, often daily.

Keep your eyes open for the auction coming up October 2-11, 2015 on EBay.  For a great listing of additional ways you can help, check out the How-To-Help section on the Cast Off Chemo site.

Love it!

Over in New Zealand, a woman originally from Zimbabwe, has created a doll that stands just under 10 feet tall.  Faustinah Ndlovu created the doll to raise funds for the primary school in her home village.  The doll is knit in one piece, stuffed with over 180 pillows and weighing close to 200 pounds; the clearly strong and clever knitter  is waiting for confirmation from Guinness if she has the largest knitted doll.

Something we all already knew, according Cardiff University in the UK, knitting and other yarn crafts can “activate areas of the brain that are good for generating a sense of calm, (and contribute to) improved emotional processing and better decision making.

Keeping the hands and the brain cells active.

Following up on this research, Neural Knitworks began holding knit-ins for broad selection of communities, including students, university staff and scientists.  Expert guests hold seminars while participants create neurons out of yarn.

“Yarn craft, with its mental challenges, social connection and mindfulness, helps keep brains fit by solving creative and mental challenges, developing eye-hand coordination and fine motor dexterity and increasing attention span”.

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