Obsession Thursday: the brilliant KeepCup

a variety of KeepCups. How could you pick just one?
a variety of KeepCups. How could you pick just one?

This is not a feminine device. It’s a travel coffee cup that you keep.

Nothing new, you say? What’s so great about the KeepCup, you ask? It’s smart. It’s environmentally sound. And it is ergonomically designed to fit your lips.

Seriously. The very best thing about it is this: your mouth will fit perfectly around the drinking hole of this fabulous cup and you will not accidentally dribble as you try to avoid scalding yourself. It’s just good design.

here's mine, well used and loved since finding it in a coffeeshop in the UK 2 years ago.
here’s mine, purchased 2 years ago in the UK. had no idea what it was; i just liked the colors. it’s proved to be my best coffee friend ever since.

It also self-seals with this cool top thingy (see the orange thing at left) that rotates from closed to open easily. Easy to clean, doesn’t scald your hands, affordable. Works for hot or cold drinks. Comes in a variety of sizes. Designed and made in Australia, the home of the inventors of my new favorite coffee drink, the flat white*.

And you can make up your own color combo.

No affiliation. I just love this thing and wanted you to know about it.

You may resume your regularly scheduled day.

*according to the linked post, “Flat White has an even mix of liquid milk and smooth velvet foam so it feels like drinking an espresso, only yummier.” To me, it tastes like a more intense, more caramelly latte, without any bitterness. I am addicted.

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6 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: the brilliant KeepCup

  1. Trishwah

    I’m all for reusable coffee cups, but how long does this one keep things warm? I like the Contigo cups because they are self sealing and fairly easy to wash — they are good for 4 hours or so. We have a couple Thermos travel coffee cups and no joke, they’ll keep your coffee hot for 8 hours or so (some are not so easy to wash though). Both are double wall stainless steel.

    1. Amy Singer

      I dunno. It’s warm until I drain it, because it’s not a big cup. I think I have the 8 oz size. The walls are thick, so it does insulate some.

    1. Amy Singer

      I drop things and they’re heavy. I’d rather have one of the taller plastic ones. Coveting badly.

  2. DWJ

    I have about 8 of these at home for our commuter coffee and I bought the glass one for myself as a Christmas gift. Our local coffee shop loves all my crazy color combos and always asks for my cup. Love these and Fab.com used to carry them on a great sale a lot.

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