Obsession Thursday: ending the uterine tyranny

The legendary Womb pattern by MK Carroll.
The legendary Womb pattern by MK Carroll.

This is the Womb pattern, designed by MK Carroll for our Winter 2004 issue. Back in our embryonic days (see what I did there?).  One of our most popular patterns.

And for me, one of my most-hated body parts. Mine has turned on me in ways I will not describe to you. Bottom line is that the sucker has to go, and it’s going. Next week.

Those of you who’ve been following along will note that this is my second surgery since the Spring+Summer issue came out. Having my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome fixed was planned so that it wouldn’t impact on Knitty’s production schedule. My stupid uterus, however, has no respect for deadlines. It needs to go, and it needs to go NOW.

This means that the First Fall issue of Knitty, which would normally be out the first or second week of June will now be out some time after June 13th, when Jillian and I return from TNNA (our industry’s trade show) in Washington, DC. I’m sorry about this, but I’m pretty sure you will understand.

Knock wood, I’ll survive the surgery (hey, I’m a neurotic Jewish girl…it’s what I do) and that should be the end of it. This surgery is unbelievably common, and so many of you lovely former uterus owners have tweeted me to let me know how much better life will be once the bastard is history.

Thanks for your kind wishes, everyone. If you want to follow along with how things are going, I’m tweeting without going into messy detail over here. We uterus-holders have to stick together and share our knowledge. The online sisterhood, baby!

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14 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: ending the uterine tyranny

  1. Christine Wands

    Best of luck to you. Mine was yanked on 3/30. Opt for robotic surgery if possible – the recovery time is much less, and I didn’t need opiate pain meds. Your mileage may vary, of course, but ibuprofen was enough.

  2. Christine Wands

    P.S. I’m starting to knit uteri today, as gifts for my gynecologic oncologist and my radiation oncologist. I may even knit one for my congressman, since he’s so interested in what I do with my lady parts.

  3. Ketra

    If there is an option to ditch the ovaries too, do spend some time considering. I had my uterus removed, which was great, but I was still emotionally miserable. And then one of my ovaries ruptured just 2 years later (emergency surgery) so both ovaries were removed. After a few weeks of adjusting to surgical menopause, I was fine. Wish I’d had the ovaries removed at the same time as my uterus.

    1. Amy Singer

      The whole shebang is going, yup. Ovarian cancer is a risk in our family. Buhbye, little egg repositories of doom.

  4. sewsable

    I had mine taken out in December last year due to endometriosis, adenymiosis and enlargement. I’ve got ongoing problems due to all that, but hoping they will gradually improve. One ovary stayed, the other couldn’t be saved and the endo had invaded my bowel so some of that went too. Everyone’s recovery is different, I still feel like I’m recovering due to all the extra stuff going on in there, but still very glad it’s gone. The only person who’s not glad is my youngest son who desperately wanted a little sister.

  5. ilehlia

    Just love your body, honey, no matter what. Send it thoughts of love and forgiveness. Hate never healed anything.

  6. Patty

    Hang in there, this too will be history! Hope everything goes smoothly. Just a note (because I didn’t realize this): I had a complete hysterectomy and wished afterward I had kept one ovary. My body chemistry was really altered, and I was sorry. This might not be something you need to concern yourself with, but just in case. And if it’s way TMI, I’m sorry!

  7. Barb T

    Oh, you’re going to love life without that particular organ. I had mine removed 40 — yes 40 — years ago and have celebrated it’s loss many times over those years. A much healthier existence since then. All will go well for you, Amy. Get well quick; it should be a breeze.

  8. Tamantha Gilfoyle

    My uterus was making such a nuisance of itself (I won’t go into details) that when my doctor suggested yet another surgery that might not work, I think my exact comment was “Rip. It. Out.” That was nearly five years ago now, and I have to say it was the best decision I could’ve made. Haven’t regretted it for a second. Good luck with your surgery, and I hope your recovery is quick. Xxx

  9. Lori

    Had all of mine removed six years ago. No regrets. Although based on this years test results, I should have started the calcium and vitamin D back then.

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