Spinning and Knitting PSA : Rhinebeck

There are 73 days until Rhinebeck!

Is that enough time to spin and knit a sweater? Even if I have other work to do, lots of work, including other spinning and knitting?

I’m considering this handspun classic – Amy King’s Less is More

Less is More - Is there time?
Less is More – Is there time?

I don’t have yarn spun to make it, I checked. If I make the short sleeved version, that’s about a pound and a half of fiber to spin. This is what I will be deeply mulling over the next few days and tossing my stash . I could make it out of singles or fatter yarn or with less ease to cut time. Or maybe I should make something smaller. But I feel like making something!  Are you spinning and knitting something for Rhinebeck this year?



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2 thoughts on “Spinning and Knitting PSA : Rhinebeck

  1. SexyNinjaMonkey

    You can easily spin and knit a sweater in nearly 2 1/2 months. Hell you could probably also make a matching hat, scarf & bag in that kind of time.

  2. Leslie F

    I guess the big question is “How long will it take you to spin…and ply…a pound and a half of roving?”

    The knitting could be done in less than a month, which would mean you would have to be able to start no later than mid-September.

    Personally, if I wanted to spin and knit a sweater for Rhinebeck, I need to start now…and might get to Rhinebeck in a year or two.

    Good luck with your quest.

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